A New Era for Caffeine

The only patented new form of caffeine

Deura9™ (d9-Caffeine)

Caffeine Reinvented

Results Driven by Science

Deuterium enriched caffeine is a cutting-edge scientific innovation based on a naturally occurring form of hydrogen


Reduces limitations
of conventional caffeine

Uniquely Metabolized

Decreases unwanted metabolites and their effects  

Deuterium Enhanced

Exceptional benefits compared to conventional caffeine


Peer reviewed studies including a blinded clinical comparison


Deuzy™ Energy Drinks
Powered by Deura9™ (d9-Caffeine)
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Lasts 3X+ Longer Sustained levels for mental and physical performance

Smooth Energy Enhanced rapid onset and gradual decline

No Caffeine Crash Avoids the unwanted sudden drop in levels for energy and alertness

Less is More Less Deura9™ (d9-Caffeine) is required compared to conventional caffeine

Deuzy Teaser (Branding Coming Soon)


Derma9 Teaser (Branding Coming Soon)

Derma9™ Skincare
Powered by Deura9™ (d9-Caffeine)
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Deura9™ (d9-Caffeine) for rapid and long term results Sustained response with long acting ingredients

Designed for Overall Excellence Scientifically proven dermatologic activity

Full Spectrum Benefits Anti-aging, moisturizing, and wrinkle reduction through critical matrix ingredients

Restores, Repairs, Rejuvenates and Protects Antioxidant and collagen activity while eliminating inflammation

Results Driven by Science

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